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Produces substantial energy savings.
Substantially protects mechanical parts.
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MaxR100 is trusted by over 1000 companies:

MaxR100 can be used for the following applications:

– Air conditioning units
– Central Air conditioning systems
– Heat Pumps
– Refrigeration Units
– Coolers
– Chillers
– Automotive A/C units

"MaxR100 saves typically 10% to 30% of your energy costs and reduces up to 50% air humidity."

What Is MaxR100?

MaxR100™ is an intermetallic compound that forms a permanent bond to metal surfaces, which removes oil fouling, changes the thermal nature of the metal and lowers the boiling point of the refrigerant gas.

How MaxR100 Saves Energy And Reduces Operating Costs?

To understand how MAXR100 saves energy and ultimately reduces the systems operating cost, consider that the polarized MAXR100 molecules create a new film essentially one molecular in thickness on the inside of the coils. This restores the ability of the system to efficiently transfer the heat load. More efficient heat transfer results in lower head pressure and less work required by the compressor. 

More efficient heat transfer also results in colder evaporator coils, which allows for the set point to be reached quicker. This can allow the compressor to cycle off more often, thereby running less and saving more energy and reducing electrical operating costs.

Case Study

We have observed energy savings of 24.33% after installation of MaxR100. We are completely satisfied with the performance of it on our AC units. We also observed that there is substantial improvement in reduction of noise and viberations of the unit.

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"USA Testimonials and International Testimonials"

MaxR featured on Oman Economic Review for energy efficiency. 

MaxR Canada Sales Manager Mr. Sri meets prime minister of Canada on the importance of energy saving and emissions reductions.

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Reduce your ENERGY Costs by 10% to 30%

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MaxR100 – Endorsed by SGS largest Testing company in the world as a energy saving product.  SGS got 14.3% energy savings in there facilities in May, 2019.

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